Alec Jace

Alec Jace
I am an online ad-serving expert, but I have been a writer and performer all my life. This website is my first legitimate attempt at an outlet that is specific to my voice. It will probably be awful.

Dear Beef Jerky Manufacturers,

I am a stupid American, and so I often find myself shoveling your disgusting dried meat product into my…
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Unethical Ad Practices #1: Rodan + Fields

Advertising standards have worried me deeply since I began working in internet marketing. I’m still rather green when it…
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5 Important Consumer Advocates in the Games Industry

** Note: This article will be constantly evolving as long as this site is active. Obviously, these are my…
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Furi Title

Furi Review: Stranger in a Strange Land

Developer: The Game Bakers Publisher: The Game Bakers Available on PC, PS4 (reviewed) Released: July 5, 2016 Hardcore games are not…
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Sausage Party- Pix“R”

There are few movies that assault your sensibilities like Sausage Party, the new CGI animated feature by Seth Rogen…
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Captain America: Civil War- Better than Batman v Superman. That’s what you…

I had to broach this subject with some objectivity. Sure, BvS was all I never wanted it to be, but…
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I play Overwatch (Beta). I am shit. Alec Jace I am an online ad-serving expert, but I have been a writer and performer all my…
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Keanu Review – Word to the Turdness

Keegan-Michal Key and Jordan Peele recently left a lucrative contract with Comedy Central on the table for their show…
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Zootopia – Xoonophobia

Disney rarely misses when fusing kid-friendly story lines with thoughtful adult concepts. Their latest animated movie, Zootopia, is no…
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Firewatch Review – Hey There Delilah

Developer: Campo Santo Publisher: Panic Available on PC, OSX, PS4 (reviewed) Released: February 9, 2016   For all the polarizing viewpoints…
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